Questions: E3 Edition 

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Just reached 100 followers!!!! I love you guys so much!!!!

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ok so im making one of my walls into a #TeamInspire wall and whoever reblogs this will get their URL up on my wall with a #TeamInspire quote 


but if your URL has swear words then i’ll just take those words out because my parents come in my room and they dont need to see that lol

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OHMYGOD!!! Guys I’m almost to 100 followers!! Wow, oh gosh. Thank you to everyone who follows me :) I love you guys so much

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You and Drew getting into a fight 

"Drew? Drew where are you?" I walked inside Drew and Wes’s house and looked into the front room. Wesley was sitting there on the Xbox. "Wes, where’s Drew?" I asked. Wes jumped from his seat and looked at me with wide eyes. "Umm, I think upstairs. You okay? I didn’t see you come home with Drew." Wesley looked upstairs like he was worried about something. "Um, I think I’m fine.. I took medicine this morning. But I wasn’t sure how I got home either I was hoping you or Drew could enlighten me." Last night we went to a major party and the last thing I remember was walking away from my friends to get another drink, the rest was a blur. "Well, maybe Drew knows. I gotta go, Keaton needs help with music stuff." Wesley seemed hesitant when talking and he quickly turned the TV off and walked out the door. "Umm, okay." I put my purse on the couch and walked upstairs to Drew’s room. I knocked on the door. Drew opened the door with a guitar in his hand. No surprise there, but the surprise was his face held no emotion. "What?" Drew said walking back into his room. I walked in behind him and sat on his chair while he sat on his bed and began to strum his guitar to something new. "Attitude much?" I joked. Drew gave off a sarcastic laugh with a grin to go with it and a shake of his head. He refused to look at me. "What’s up with you?" I asked. Drew looked up and I saw that glint in his eye he got when he was truly pissed off. "What’s wrong? Oh nothing at all." Drew was the most sarcastic when mad. "Drew, stop bullshitting me. What’s up? What’s with the sarcasm?" I asked with concern. I didn’t know who put him in this mood but it was a scary one. Drew put his guitar down and clapped his hands. "What’s wrong? Nothing. I mean the party was awesome. Espically the part where my girl decided to make out with a random guy!" Drew yelled the last part while getting up and walking out of the room. I sat there stunned for a moment before getting up and following him. "Excuse me? What?" I said right behind him. He was heading downstairs and turned around on the last step. "You fucking heard me. Silly me to walk into the living room to see you kissing another guy on  the couch." Drew spat out. "Drew I have no idea what your talking about!" I yelled at him. I was racking my head to figure out what he was talking about. "Don’t play stupid, I saw you with my own eyes!" Drew yelled back. I remember the kitchen and having a few shots and trying to get back to Drew. "Drew, I really don’t remember. Please believe me. I remember going to the kitchen, having a few shots and then trying to get back to you!" I said, tears threatening my eyes. "Don’t even try using the ‘Too drunk to know the difference’ on me. That’s bullshit!" Drew yelled at me while continuing down the stairs. He got to the front room and I managed to turn him around. "I’m not trying to use that damn excuse Drew! I don’t even know what your talking about!" Everything was blurry in my head and it didn’t help my head was throbbing again. "That’s not what you were saying last night!" Drew shouted running his hands through his hair. "You talked to me after it?" I asked, stunned for a moment. "Yeah. Cause like the good loyal boyfriend I am I found you curled up on the couch and brought you home. Throughout the whole car ride you kept saying sorry." Drew said, no longer yelling. Which made it feel worse. "I don’t remember." I whispered, trying to remember anything he was talking about. "Stop using that bullshit answer! It doesn’t fucking change the fact you were kissing another guy!" Drew started yelling again. "Stop yelling at me you ass! Yelling is not fucking helping the situation!" I yelled back. Drew started walking to the couch but then stopped and turned back around. "You know what, why don’t you leave and go kiss some more guys. You seem to be better at that then you are remembering." I couldn’t believe him. "You know what, fuck you." I walked out the front door and to my car. I took the keys out of my pocket and just started driving. I kept fighting back the tears till I couldn’t anymore. I pulled into an old shopping center and parked the car and cried my eyes out. I felt horrible cause I cheated on Drew. But I felt even worse cause I don’t even know why I did. I kept crying while I rested my head on the steering wheel. "I was fighting myself to keep walking and finding Drew. I felt myself uncontrollably laughing at everything. Someone came up behind me grabbing my waist and guiding me to the beat of the music. I knew it had to be Drew, who else would it be? So I kept dancing with him and grinding. He was leaving small kisses on my neck and I knew something was wrong. I turned around and saw a random guy looking at me. I quickly backed away but not fast enough. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me in. ‘Let me go!’ I yelled, trying to free my wrist. ‘Now, now, now. You can’t just tease me like that.’ He held me up against his chest while he tried to lean down for a kiss. ‘Fuck you!’ I  yelled trying to back away. I ended up hitting the couch and falling backwards with him right onto of me. ‘Didn’t know you wanted to go the far.’ The guy said with a wink. I tried moving around and seeing if I knew anybody to help me. The guy pinned my arms down and started kissing me. I tried moving around but he held me down. I finally got my arms out and tired pushing him off me. A few seconds later I managed to throw him off of me by scratching him in the face. ‘You’re a fucking bitch!’ He said while walking away. I felt myself close off everything and I just laid there." I shot my head up to someone tapping on my window. I wiped away my tears and rolled down my window for the police officer. "Miss are you okay?" The woman asked me. "Yes officer, I felt tired and couldn’t drive so I pulled over for a quick nap. I’m sorry." I said, not a complete lie. She seemed to get the real reason but didn’t say anything. "Are you okay now?" She asked. "Yes, thank you officer." "No problem Miss, try and get more sleep." She said and walked off. I went to grab my purse when I realized it was still at Drew’s. I mentally slapped myself while starting my way back there. I was still holding back my tears as I remembered what happened last night when I got to Drew’s. I knocked on the door and waited. "What do you want?" Drew spat at me. "My purse." I said without even looking at him I just walked in and grabbed it. Right as I swung it over everything spilled out. "Fuck." I mumbled feeling the tears again. I picked everything I dropped and started walking out when Drew held my arm. "What?" I spat at him while glaring at him. I didn’t even bother hiding the fact I was crying while trying to look mad. "Here." Drew handed me my mirror while not looking at me. I had the mistake of looking at it and saw that the guy left his mark on my neck. A choked sob escaped me when I saw it and I threw the mirror in my bag. "Still don’t remember?" Drew mocked me while going over to the couch. That’s when I snapped. "You know what? I do fucking remember." Drew’s head snapped up. "I fucking remember him gripping my wrists and him pulling me into him, trying to fuck me on the couch, calling me a bitch after I scratched the ass, and completely shutting down afterwards. So I do remember and I’m sorry I was too drunk to try and get the guy to stop from assaulting me." By this time I was bawling my eyes out on the ground and Drew had embraced me in a hug with me on his lap. I was still crying while Drew was trying to comfort. I tried pushing him off of me but he wouldn’t budge. "I promise you, I will beat the crap out of this guy when I find him. I promise you I will never doubt you again. And lastly, I promise that I will never treat you like he did." Drew had rested his head on my head and I finally started resting my head on his chest. "I’m-I’m sorry" I whimpered. "Don’t be sorry, I should be saying sorry, I didn’t believe you and I just assumed." "Let’s just forget it." I said looking up at Drew. "Not until this." Drew kissed me softly and whispered. "I’m so so sorry, I love you." "I love you too."

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You and Keaton getting into a fight 

"Keaton! Wait up!" I yelled trying to catch up to Keaton. "Keaton. Keat-" I ran into his chest as he stopped abruptly and spun around. "Who was the guy?" He looked so pissed off and it was defiantly something different. "Wha- What do you mean?" I couldn’t myself from stuttering from being caught off guard. "That guy that couldn’t get enough of you. He was drooling off of you." Keaton said giving a quick glance towards someone behind me. I looked over and saw Dan looking over at us then quickly away and back to a conversation. "Dan? He’s just a friend." I said surprised that’s what he’s jealous of him. "Just a friend my ass, his hand never left your waist." Keaton yelled. Some stares were given to us and I started pushing Keaton outside. "Don’t touch me." Keaton sounded like he was going to say something more but stopped himself. "Oh no, carry on, how were you going to finish off that sentence?" I asked now getting on defense mood. "Doesn’t matter, why are you trying to change the subject?" Keaton said trying to make me look guilty. "Keaton you are over reacting to nothing!" I couldn’t believe Keaton right now. He’s so mellow about everything and he’s getting jealous over a guy friend. "I’m not over reacting. I bet you everything if you went up to him now and said you and your boyfriend broke up he would look more happy then sympathy towards you!" Keaton said pointing towards inside the house. I took a step backwards. "So what? You want to break up with me over this stupid fight?" I asked baffled. Keaton looked surprised as well. "What? No, I was just saying-" "You were just saying that I would go up to him saying we broke up." I was getting pretty pissed off at how he was getting so mad at this. "No, I was using that as an example!" I could tell Keaton was getting frustrating. "Then why are we fighting Keaton?" I asked taking a step towards him. I saw his eyes soften for a moment before he looked away. "Because that asshole needs to know your mine and mine only. And you were just letting him have his hand on your waist making it seem okay to do that." Keaton said. "He was being friendly! Like a friend! God Keaton, why are you making this nothing into a something?" I asked already tired of fighting him. "Because it’s not nothing to me, this is a big something and you don’t even realize it. That’s the worst part. Your seeing how much this is bothering me and you still try defending it." I looked a little stunned. "See you can’t even deny that your defending him. You and I are going out, not you and him." Keaton said looking at the ground. It was then that I saw how insecure he sounded. I walked up to him and pulled him into a hug. He immediately hugged back, putting his head into the nook of my neck. "I’m always yours, just yours. Like your mine, just mine." I said into his chest. Keaton’s finger lifted my head higher and he stared into my eyes. "I’m sorry. I just really don’t want to lose you." Keaton leaned in and kissed me. After a few seconds I pulled away and grabbed his hands. "C’mon." I said pulling him back into the house. "Where are we going?" I kept walking inside until I spotted Dan. When he saw me he smiled and looked behind me. "Hey there, I was wondering where you went to." Dan said. "I had to talk to my boyfriend, but Dan this is Keaton, my boyfriend. Keaton this is Dan, my friend." I made sure to give a little more emphasis on friend without making to noticeable. "Hey man, nice to meet you. You’re pretty lucky to have her, she does nothing but talk about you." Dan said poking my side. I felt myself blush and I looked down. Keaton pulled me in so my back was to him but he had his hands around my waist. "Yeah, I really am lucky with her."

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You and Wes getting into a fight 

"Wesley get away from me." I yelled as Wes tried grabbing my hand. I couldn’t even look at him. "Babe, I didn’t mean it like that. C’mon you know me better." I turned my head to him and he flinched back. "No, I don’t know you. Cause the person I know, my boyfriend, wouldn’t say ‘I’d totally bang her if I was single,’ in front of me." I mocked at his voice. I turned back around and started walking towards the bar to get away from him when Wes grabbed my arm. "I said let go of me you fucking jerk!" I got my arm away and slipped through the crowd with the faint sound of Wesley calling my name. I got to the bar and ordered a drink while I let my head rest in my hands. Everything was going fine at the club, we were with our friends, laughing having a good time. When two of Wes’s friends started making comments towards this girl they saw. Now I’m not an idiot and I know Wes would rate other women, I’m fine with it as long as it’s not too serious and it’s not around me. Well while his friends were talking about her, Wes decided to say how he would fuck her if he was single. Now I’ve let some of these incidents slide, but not tonight. He said it right in front of me. Even his friends looked shocked. I stormed off right after. "Rough night?" The bartender gave me my drink and started wiping another cup. "You could say that. But I’m sure you get 1 out of 4 girls here who sit by themselves because they feel like shit." I said finishing my drink in 2 gulps. "Yeah, but they seem all the same." He said already getting my second drink ready. "And I’m just like them." I said taking my next drink and holding it in my hands looking at it. The moment I started thinking about what happened I downed my second drink. "Better be careful how much you drink. We don’t need anything happening to you." I motioned for a third, and I already started feeling of the first two drinks. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. My favorite song talks about that." As I was about to drink my third, someone grabs my drink from me. "Motherfucker," I said as I turned around to see who it was. "What do you want?" I slurred just a bit. "Don’t you want to fuck that other chick? Cause obviously you don’t want me. And you know what, I should’ve listened to the girls when they said you would play me. Cause that’s what you are Wes, a fucking player. And you know what? I’m fucking done with it, I don’t need my heart broken into any more pieces. So Wesley we are thro-" Right before I ended my ramble Wes grabbed my face and kissed me. I could tell Wes was desperate for me, it was passionate but rough. I couldn’t help myself and I started kissing back before Wes pulled away. "You always ramble when you start getting drunk. And that’s one of the many things I love about you. I love everything about you from your quirks to your looks. I love you. I didn’t want to say this while we were drunk cause I don’t want you to think it meant nothing. But I can’t let you go. You mean everything to me. Yes I fucked up big time, I don’t even know why I said it much less thought it. Cause you’re the one I think about all the time. Please, please give me another shot and I promise you won’t be disappointed." Wes finished his long rant looking me dead in the eyes. I felt my mouth wide open and I couldn’t find anything to close it let alone blink. "Please say something?" I saw how scared Wes was and that’s when it dawned on me. He’s probably never said this to anyone. I leaned forward and put my arms around his shoulders bringing him in so I could kiss him. After a few seconds I leaned back and looked at him. "Wesley, I’m trusting you. I can tell you mean and I’m trusting you with everything I have left." Wes had a small smile on his face before he responded. "I’ll make sure when were together you have more than what we started with." He leaned in and kissed me on lips before scooping me out seat. I stretched my neck and whispered into Wes’s ear. "I love you too."

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I don’t think i’ll ever be able to leave this fandom…love you guys too much!!! <3 



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Meeting Wes

 A Surprise

To The Beach



Meeting Keaton

She Will Be Loved

I’m Bored”


"I Don’t Hate You"

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OMG. Everything about this picture is just so….. AHHHH!! LET ME LOVE YOU!!!
Ahahaha their faces!


OMG. Everything about this picture is just so….. AHHHH!! LET ME LOVE YOU!!!

Ahahaha their faces!

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